Sourdough masterclass at Loaves on Long

As soon as you walk into Loaves on Long the first thing you do is close your eyes and breathe deeply to sniff up all the freshly baked scents. Thank you to team Errieda and Ian du Toit for inviting me to partake in a ‘Sourdough Masterclass’ hosted by the bakery owners – Chef Ciska Rossouw and Rickma Coxon.

Making sourdough is quite an art, Kyle and I have tried a few times and failed miserably at making our own starters so I was quite excited to attend. Then in line with the concept of fermentation, Rickma welcomed us all in with a glass of kombucha – a tea-based drink, but butterfingers here can’t process any alcohol so I just took a sip to taste.

Chef Ciska showed us her seven-year-old starter “The Mother” and we each received a small piece of her to work into some flour and water to form our own balls of sourdough. She showed us how to knead, how to tuck/fold, the importance of resting, how to shape, how to score and even had the chance to slide our own doughs into their oven.

Find out more about their Masterclasses on their Facebook page, these bread baking courses include 1. Sourdough Bread, 2. Croissants and 3. Ciabatta & Rye. At R450 pp, includes bubbly, light lunch and you get to take your own bakes home. Email to find out more.

Photography by: Ian du Toit


Please see the dates for their upcoming bread making masterclasses.

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