Limoncello Ristorante Italiano at Knysna Waterfront

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On the weekend of Jean’s mom – Hilary’s 50th birthday, myself, Jean, Claire, Roxy and Faeez drove down to Knysna for a weekend of sailing on a Lightleys Holiday Houseboat, which Pierre organised well in advance. The only thing we forgot to consider was the weather. That weekend comprised pouring rain,harsh and icy gusts of wind as well as booming laughter and sweet memories that will last a lifetime.

On this first evening, we visited an Italian Restaurant at the Knysna Waterfront called Limoncello. This restaurant was situated on the upper deck of the Knysna Waterfront and serves a diverse range of foods, from fresh sea food to wild South African game, Italian with a South African twist. Their dรฉcor includes vibrant and colourful murals and paintings and a massive 27-litre bottle of wine. See a 360 degree view here.

We started the evening off with some of the most beautiful, sweet and succulent oysters I have ever had. I usually only use lemon juice, salt and black pepper on my oysters, never Tabasco (my sensitive palette doesn’t allow me to enjoy hot food) – however, Jean convinced me to try out the green bottle (promising I wouldn’t even flinch at the taste). The combination – booyah.



When it comes to eating out, I have a bad habit of choosing meals that I’m familiar with, leaving less room for disappointment, but at Limoncello, I decided to choose something I’ve never eaten before as my main course. Pierre and I both decided to try out Limoncello’s zebra steak. My juicy piece of meat was 260 grams, cooked to medium, topped with marinated mushrooms and sauce. The steak was served on a bed of butternut mash complemented with a hint of nutmeg, sprinkled with parsley and rosemary potato wedges on the side. I usually opt for medium when it comes to steak, but I did some research on zebra meat and found out that it shouldn’t be cooked more than medium rare (mental note for next time). It’s a very lean type of meat, low percentage of fat and has an unusually light flavour for a red meat.



On the leaving day – Sunday, we chose Limoncello as our breakfast spot before we hit the road. Welcomed by the same friendly and enthusiastic service by our previous waiter – Brian and we were also visited by a little regular customer – a sparrow. Brian informed us that this sparrow had been visiting their restaurant for the past five years. I asked how did he know that it was that exact sparrow and he replied saying that if we looked closely, we’ll notice that it’s missing a foot. As sad as I was to see this little hopper had only one foot, it’s definitely one of the stories of Limoncello I will remember forever.

Limoncello contact details are:

telephone number:

044 382 0530



Upper Level
Knysna Waterfront Quays
Waterfront Drive

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  1. Chi Chi
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    OOOooo~ you’re making me hungry for oysters..

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    Ditto Chi Chi ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Sister K
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    Aaawww I am so jealous that I wasn’t there to share this special day with you all…maybe for MY 50th ๐Ÿ˜†

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